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Californians Report Organized-Stalking in Droves, to Local TV News Outlets & Beyond


(removed from online but luckily I saved a copy! Crime in plain sight-they are trying to silence people from talking about the truth of what's going on)

CLICK HERE TO WATCH A GANG STALKER GET CAUGHT AND ADMIT TO WHAT HE DOES(removed from Youtube due to it's incriminating content as described below)

It was a video in which the paid STALKER states he's being paid as a FEDERAL EMPLOYEE TO STALK, AND HARASS, CERTAIN PEOPLE,



CLICK HERE FOR ANOTHER GREAT YOU TUBE VIDEO ON THE SUBJECT CALLED-NOTE: this video's contents from YouTube being blocked from my website again(crime in plain sight)! so copy and paste the URL BELOW in YOUTUBE to access this important video on these crimes, called "Dr. John Hall and Zeph Daniel on GangStalking (Full-Length Interview)"


"Gang Stalking is Now Main Steam!" Dr. John Hall & Zeph Daniel

From ~14:30 mins onward is completely what happened to me and how they were able to do it with the help of neighbors etc. I remember the cameras being set-up on neighbor's roof tops and trees around my home at 774 Danvers Circle, Newbury Park, CA and mentioning it to family and being told it was my imagination...Even the Patients I took care of, as a Nurse in the Hospital in Thousand Oaks, them knowing very personal, intimate details about me, and mentioning these things during the time I was with them...sad doesn't begin to express what I am feeling, but I want, and deserve, justice.


-So who's funding these targeted attacks?? I know my stalking, harassing, surveillance, blacklisting, & slander became apparent

NOVEMBER 2016, and TOOK OFF, or was in full effect, and undeniable, BY SPRING 2017....



Dr. Tomo Shibata — who has been targeted with organized stalking and electronic weapons in California — is presenting a bill proposal to California legislators, to explicitly outlaw organized stalking and electronic weapon attacks, that is titled “The Organized Torture Act”.

"As a groundbreaking bill proposal that explicitly outlaws covert organized torture via organized stalking and electronic weapons, is under review by legislators in California, the numerous reports of organized stalking and electronic weapons attacks, given by droves of Californians, are a stark reminder of how desperately overdue this legislation is…

Featured photography by Chris Nguyen, CC0 licence, used with permission.

Since the late 1990s, numerous California based TV news outlets have reported on, the now wildly out-of-control organized-stalking epidemic in California. These accounts, that have been broadcast to millions of viewers, both via traditional cable news and online broadcasting platforms, have somehow been largely ignored, by both law enforcement and legislators in California. Currently, Dr. Tomo Shibata — who has been targeted with organized stalking and electronic weapons in California — is presenting a bill proposal to California legislators, to explicitly outlaw organized stalking and electronic weapon attacks, that is titled “The Organized Torture Act”. As these legislators review Dr. Shibata’s bill proposal, I thought it would be helpful to collect and present in unison, a number of the most revealing reports, on organized-stalking and electronic weapon targeting, that have been broadcast by California TV news outlets and beyond, on the plight of Californians, who are victims of these horrendous crimes.

“Allegations of Harassment in Stockton”

August 10, 2011Mayor of Stockton California Ann Johnston, is interviewed about her claims that the City Manager of Stockton California Bob Deis, has become the victim of an organized stalking campaign. The City of Stockton California is so certain that Mr Deis is being victimized by an organized stalking campaign, that they filed a formal legal complaint claiming City Manager Bob Deis is a victim of a “pattern of abuse”.

ABC 10 News San Diego, CA

“San Diego Mom Thinks She’s the Victim of Community Stalking”

October 13, 2016

San Diego California resident, mother, and successful internal medicine professional, Dr. Facika Tafara MD, is interviewed about her reportage, that describes how she and her young child are being targeted with an organized stalking campaign. Journalist Brian Shlonsky, who covered this story, states with certainty that:

                      “Community or gang stalking is an eerie practice that takes aim at your psyche to make you almost feel like you’re going crazy.”

Miss Tafara said in this interview that the police detective who responded to her complaint told her:

                      “If it happens again call us but there is not much we can do…”

Journalist Brian Shlonsky described the police detective’s response to Miss Tafara’s reportage as:

                                        “Something that makes this even more terrifying…”

KION Central (West) Coast News, CA

“Gang Stalking, Bullying on Steroids”

January 29, 2011

The KION TV moderator opens this TV news segment by stating that the police have told KION that the phenomenon they are reporting on is like “bullying on steroids”, implicit in this statement by KION, is the police department’s admission that these surreal stalking crimes are a real criminal phenomenon.

Salinas California resident, and victim of an organized stalking campaign, Lawrence Guzzino, is interviewed about what it is like to be subjected to these kind of surreal crimes. Journalist Candice Nguyen states with certainty a few of the tactics used against victims of these crimes.

This news report included an interview with Santa Cruz California Police Lieutenant Larry Richard, who explicitly admits organized stalking is a real phenomenon that has been occurring for a long time, in this statement:

“The police are becoming more aware of gang stalking because of cyber bullying. Gang stalking is nothing new, but new technology is making it more common. Gang stalkers themselves have elevated themselves to technology so this is something that’s been going on before Facebook or Twitter. They just now have gone into those areas.”

ABC News

“Nightline: Army of Spies”

November 8, 2017

Celebrity Journalist Ronan Farrow, speaks with ABC News with absolute confidence and certainty, representing organized stalking as real criminal phenomenon that constitutes, in his own words:

                “A set of tools that I truly did not know were available to the most powerful men in this country.”

Mr. Farrow then lays out in detail, the incontrovertible evidence he has unearthed, that proves how Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, systematically directs organized stalking campaigns against acclaimed Actors and Journalists, as well as, ordinary Americans in Los Angeles California and beyond.

One of the most shocking aspects of Mr. Farrow’s research into organized stalking campaigns directed by Harvey Weinstein, is his discovery of a company called “Black Cube”, that specializes in fully managing and executing organized stalking campaigns at the direction of its clients, Harvey Weinstein being just one of them. “Black Cube” openly offer their organized stalking services online, veiled with convoluted business and legal concepts and jargon. They were founded and are run by, former Israeli Mossad Intelligence Agents, and others who held positions in the Israeli military and police.

NBC News

“Today: Harvey Weinstein Hired An ‘Army Of Spies’ To Silence His Alleged Accusers”

November 7, 2017

Journalist Megyn Kelly speaks about the incontrovertible evidence, that Ronan Farrow unearthed, proving without a doubt that Harvey Weinstein directs organized stalking campaigns against acclaimed Actors and Journalists in Los Angeles California and beyond. Miss Kelly focuses mostly on the organized stalking campaign, that acclaimed Hollywood California actress Rose McGowan has suffered through, at the hands of Mr. Weinstein. Miss Kelly specifically emphasizes the tragic reality that for years and years on end, Miss McGowan had to endure ridicule and accusations of being mentally ill, when she reported being subject to organized stalking to others…

ABC News

“Randy and Evi Quaid Flee to Canada”

November 1, 2010

Academy Award nominated Hollywood Actor Randy Quaid, and his wife Evi Quaid, describe how they have been subjected to an intense organized stalking campaign since 2007, that began to be rolled-out against them in subtle ways all the way back in the early 1990s. The couple speak with absolute certainty that organized stalking is a real phenomenon, and describe how many of their Hollywood friends in California, have also been targeted with organized stalking.

The Learning Channel

“Ultrascience: Spies Are Us”

Fall Season 1998

In this episode of The Learning Channel’s 1990s series Ultrascience, Davis California resident, law student, and victim or organized-stalking, Cheryl Welsh, describe how she and other victims of organized-stalking, are harmed by electronic weapons.

Neurobiologist Dr. Mark George, and Professor James Lin are interviewed by the producers of the show, as to the plausibility of the existence of electronic weapons and their capabilities; Dr. George communicates that it is already possible, with 1990s technology, to influence an individual’s emotional state with magnetic electronic devices. Dr. George also communicates that in the wrong hands this technology could be used for evil objectives, and it is up to society to see to it that it is used for the good of society. Moreover, Professor Lin states that it is possible to encode specific sounds in microwaves, from a magnetic electronic device, that could be interpreted by an individual’s brain as a natural phenomenon. Again, keep in mind this interview was conducted in 1998, so he’s talking about old technology relative to our current era — the capabilities of these surreal technologies have dramatically expanded in the last 20 years. Professor Lin sums up these surreal technologies in this statement:

                       “The brain is an electrical organ it is susceptible to electrical 

                         signals since microwave is electrical therefore in principle 

                         one could embed or encode information in the microwave 

                         signal so that it could be perceived by the brain.”

Former U.S. Intelligence Officer Steve Bratcher, is also interviewed by the producers of the show and communicates that governments, currently and historically, proactively seek to use electronic weapons to force their will on select individuals, select communities, and indeed, at times the entire population.

KOVR 13 News Sacramento, CA

“Do You Believe in Government Mind Control?”

November 17, 2000

KOVR 13 News Sacramento, interviews Davis California resident, law student, and victim or organized-stalking, Cheryl Welsh, who describes how she and other victims of organized-stalking, are harmed by organized stalking and electronic weapons. Miss Welsh also describes how she has organized a non-profit organization, to network and help other victims of these surreal crimes, and how she has been inundated with responses from other victims in California and across the world.

KMIR News 6 Coachella, CA

“Electronic Harassment: Voices in My Mind”

November 12, 2012

A large group of victims of organized stalking and electronic weapons in Coachella California, have organized their efforts to stop these crimes, and a few of them are interviewed in this TV news segment by KMIR News. Coachella California resident Randall Ringger, and the other local victims interviewed here, describe in detail how they’ve been victimized with surreal electronic weapon technologies, with absolute certainty and lucidity.

The Lip TV

“City Council Votes to Ban Chemtrail Mind Control”

May 23, 2015

The Lip TV reports on how the Richmond California City Council voted to enact a city law, that bans mind control weapons use on its residence, after droves of Richmond California residences converge on city hall to demand an end to their victimization with electronic weapons.

For a very comprehensive look at Dr. Tomo Shibata’s California bill proposal, that would fully outlaw the horrendous organized stalking crimes described above, please visit the the campaign website at GoFundMe via the link text, and if you’re serious about helping to end these crimes, please donate to the effort."


"...F.B.I. Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241 Conspiracy Against Rights

This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).

It further makes it unlawful for two or more persons to go in disguise on the highway or on the premises of another with the intent to prevent or hinder his/her free exercise or enjoyment of any rights so secured. Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to ten years, or both; and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years, or for life, or may be sentenced to death."


-sorry this was removed too, criminal activity abound-see earlier link for a down load of this important information!