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My stories are like Alfred Hitchcock or Edgar Allan Poe stories.

And like Edgar Allan Poe,

I will have several short stories for you to read (for free)

and eventually I will do a book with all my short stories in it like he did

The first story is called,

 "The Raven Named Damien"

wirtten October 5th, 2021

Maggie was thirty-two years old and was finally able to buy the perfect house just outside the city Los Angeles, a quaint countryside home. Her yard was always brimming with birds of all types but one raven stuck out with his unusual yellow mark to the very tip of one of his feathers. This raven returned daily to her bird feeder and water bowl, to eat and drink, and when he arrived, he would scare away the other birds. Maggie started to talk with this raven who never seemed scared of her, in fact, seemed to welcome her approaching him. She decided to name the bird Damien because he gave off the aura of a male bird and was menacing, aggressive, and frightening to the other birds. Other than his small, distinguishing, yellow mark, Damien was covered in mesmerizing dark black feathers that shimmered and shined in the light. The name Damien fit him perfectly, she thought.

Maggie looked forward to her daily meetings with the raven, telling him all about her personal and work problems and he seemed to be listening. Damien even started to perch himself right on the table beside her while she sat outside, he felt bonded to her, and she to him. This one day Maggie was very sad and was crying outside when the raven arrived. Maggie immediately started to tell him all about her new boss at the firm where she worked, Cynthia, who did not like her and was treating her poorly by harassing her and embarrassing her at work. Maggie told him how she always felt like an outsider, especially at this firm, and how the other women like Cindy, Sarah, and Amanda were so cliquish and excluded her from many personal gatherings even though she tried hard to befriend them. Maggie felt better after talking with Damien and felt ready to tackle her day at work.

The next day at work, Maggie along with the other staff had their weekly staff meeting. As Maggie and the other thirty plus employees awaited Cynthia to arrive to start the meeting, there was no Cynthia. Finally, forty-five minutes after the meeting was to begin, the CEO of the company came into the room. It was obvious he had some bad news from the somber, saddened look on his face. He did not waste a moment in settling down the waiting group and announcing, "I have some very shocking and upsetting news, Cynthia's car was accidently hit by a semi truck on her way into work and was killed instantly," he expressed while the group gasped in shock. The remainder of the day, the office functioned but with a sad and gloomy, dark cloud, hovering over; everyone was devastated including Maggie. Cindy, Sarah, and Amanda decided to go out for dinner and drinks after work to commiserate over the accident but they excluded Maggie, she was not invited. Maggie felt doubly traumatized, not only by the death of her boss, but now she had no one to vent her emotions to, because it was obvious her co-workers did not like her. That night Maggie decided to eat her dinner outside knowing her only friend, the raven, would be there and listen to her sorrows. She told him all about the unexpected death of her boss and how her co-workers, Cindy, Sarah, and Amanda were so terribly mean to her and treated her so badly. As usual, Maggie felt much better after talking with Damien.

The following week was Cindy's birthday and her co-workers were going to throw her a surprise party at the office. Everyone arrived early to the office this Tuesday morning to set-up for the party. All the balloons, streamers, birthday signs were in place and the food, drinks, and cake were ready for her arrival at nine in the morning. Everyone was excited for her arrival but wondering where she could be, it was now nine forty-five, she was late to work. By ten that morning a lady from the human resources department entered the room and had a blank expression on her face, with the announcement, "ladies and gentlemen, I have some terrible news. Cindy was hit by construction metal and scaffolding that fell on her while she entered a convenience store before coming to work. She died instantly," she said, delivering the grave news. Again everyone in the office was devastated at the news and in shock. The company offered not only their verbal condolences but also counselling for anyone who needed to express their feelings regarding these tragic events of late. Sarah and Amanda decided to vent their feelings and console each other after work with a private room booked for dinner and drinks at a fancy restaurant close by. They invited a few others from the office but not Maggie. Maggie was hurt, and embarrassed, at the obvious dislike of her being blatantly displayed by her co-workers, but said nothing to them. She just went home and cried out her feelings to her trusted friend and companion, the raven, Damien. Damien listened and watched her as usual, not budging during the entire outpouring of grief by Maggie, only occasionally eating some of the seeds she would put out for him.

The next day in the office, Maggie arrived to a darkened office room with very few people around. When she finally found a co-worker she knew, she asked, where everyone was and he gave her the grim news, "Sarah, Amanda, and five other co-workers became trapped in the private dinner room they had booked at the restaurant after it mysteriously became engulfed in flames, killing all seven of them." Maggie was numb by the news, as the office closed for the day, telling everyone to go home, with pay, until further notice.

When Maggie arrived home, Damien was somehow waiting for her inside her home, perched on the windowsill. As Maggie eyed Damien, he had a knowing look about the events of the day. A look that gave Maggie comfort. She did not even question how Damien got into her house, and for some reason, she did not even feel the need to discuss the events of the day with him, it was like he knew. She just walked over to Damien, sat beside him, and offered him bird seeds from the palm of her hand while gently stroking the top of his head and stating, "you are the best friend ever Damien.

I hope you enjoyed, "The Raven Named Damien." The next short stor​y will be available winter  2021/2022.