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2023 into 2024...

Hopefully justice will take its course

in indicting and prosecuting

the Crazy, Obsessed, Hateful

People and Companies,

that conspired to carried out the

Stalking, Harassing,

Sabotage, Slander, Assaults


Other CRIMES done to me.

(for me and many others they do this to)

Let Justice Reign!


October 22/19

"Hi! The book sounds so good (Haunted Antiques: A Haunted Estate: The Vortex"), it could make a good movie.

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I love looking at the haunted items, paranormal things, they really interest me! I live in Boston, MA. & I wish there was a special store, a collection of things w/energies, I like positive ones...I wish interesting people like you lived near me! I’d love to live in LA!!!..."-END-

NOTE: The day after this customer wrote this message to me, Ebay removed the item she wrote about and several other of my items(many other similar items from other sellers never removed) I wrote of the billion dollar companies in the Targeted hate, conspiracy, blacklisting, that includes the treasonous partnering & corruption with foreign crime organizations in, "The Chosen Ones: The Conspiracy: Crime In Plain Sight," book. Along with another major billion dollar corrupt company, documented in this book, one who is currently being interviewed by the various Government committees...his lies, conspiracy, corruption, receiving foreign money payments for such activities and collaborations are sickening! His deception and cover-up is epic and a "playbook" protocol...I have been in direct line of some of their conspiring, corruption, and other crimes and more than willing to tell what I know. (a few billion dollar corrupt companies discussed in the book) 

Harvest Moon

Moon Phases

"Haunted Antiques: A Haunted Estate: The Vortex"

re-edited 9/28/2019

"Vivid descriptions of real-life Paranormal activity that will make you a believer in life after death and the existence of other dimensions that interact with ours. A must read for anyone who seeks the truth!"


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