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September 4th, 2021


Haunted Antiques: A Haunted Estate Part 2: The Magic Box

A Fall & Halloween must read with Witches, Genies & Portals...

A haunted house with ghosts, demons, the supernatural and paranormal occurring, and now, she befriends a coven of witches and has a genie for a boyfriend.

Come join Margaret as she opens the ‘Magic Box’ and a whole new world of adventure awaits her.

This novel picks up from the end of part 1 when Margaret’s boyfriend, Clarke, is hurt in a horrific accident caused by her haunted house.

But things take an unexpected turn when she interacts with the ‘Magic Box,’ found in the attic, makes a wish, and it is granted.

Now her new prince charming is a Genie who grants her every desire regardless of the consequences.

And to add to the mounting chaos and tragedy unfolding in her life, her psychic introduces her to a coven of witches, and she finds herself amidst new problems and horrors.

A Genie, human, love story for the ages.

Would you want a Magic Box?

Read Margaret’s adventure to see.

The perfect read for the Halloween season. Enjoy!

September 2021

Ahhh autumn, the Fall season is here, yeah!

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